Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday Thoughts 2010 and Goodwill to Men

A year ago today found me filled with despair for "the human condition". Despite being a Buddhist, I had let myself become attached to a certain end result, and when I discovered that reality was different from my dreams, I could not let go.

I cannot guarantee that I will never let myself be too attached to something again, but I'm not there now, and life feels pretty good. One of the things I'm happiest about is the generosity I've seen demonstrated to good folks in the past couple of weeks. Some of you helped bring a lot of joy and some unexpected help to a family this year. I got a beautiful picture postcard last night, with thanks and blessings. Thank you.

On, one of the staff members asked if the other staff had some AR lower components he could buy, to present a good friend who doesn't have a lot of funds a completed AR lower. Staff built a complete rifle for his friend. I am proud to be associated with such generous people. Even I will be the recipient of some unexpected generosity, as a staff member has offered to send me a loading press he's not using.

At the end of the day, we all fall down sometimes. We all make mistakes. But, sometimes, when it is in our power to do good, when we can touch our world with compassion- this, I think, is when the best of humanity shines.

Merry Christmas, y'all.


Old NFO said...

Same to you JR, and i'm glad it worked out :-)

charlotte g said...

A book you might enjoy: "One River, Many Wells" by Matthew Fox.
I guess I am what one calls an ecumenical Christian. I am hoping some friends of ours carry through on their invitation to a Cambodian Buddhist New Year celebration. If not this, another year.

phlegmfatale said...

Sorry for my scarcity in making blogrounds. I'm glad heartening things are going on and that you were warmed in the holiday season. Sending warm thoughts your way and hopeful you can visit sometime soon.