Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sherlock: Case of Evil

I was bemused to see a Sherlock Holmes movie featuring Vincent D'Onofrio on the cover as a choice in Netflix, so I watched it. D'Onofrio is actually Professor Moriarty, which seems a natural choice for an actor who usually projects a twisted genius.

James D'Arcy does a suitable job as the lead character, portraying him as a proud, brilliant young man making a name for himself. Gabrielle Anwar (usually seen in USA's Burn Notice, but evidently this role was before she was left too long in the sun without food) is the female lead. She also performs well.

Sherlock: Case of Evil was evidently made for TV, but does have some gore from autopsy scenes and a little attractive female flesh. Despite the low production values, the move is enjoyable, except for D'Onofrio. This man has played at least two of the all-time memorable movie characters (Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket, and the evil-farmer-inhabited-by-an-alien in Men in Black), but while his character is otherwise believable, his British accent sounds off. I subtract half a star, still leaving a very decent 3/5 stars.

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