Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I need to add two long-overdue additions to my blogroll: my friend Charlotte, one of many very neat people who love me...well, just because, and John at Gun Geeks, a humble, well-spoken, and interesting guy.  (And who *doesn't* love cool airplanes and entertaining movies?!)


Assrot said...

Can you turn that silly Colbert Nation thing so it doesn't start playing everytime someone loads your blog?

It was cool once. It's irritating after 10 or so times.



charlotte g said...

Thanks John :D You are right.

Matt G said...

Joe's right-- every time that I load your page, it runs that Colbert thing.

charlotte g said...

Gee, you haven't posted in awhile. Whatever could you be doing with your time? Making a happy life or something?

Assrot said...

Is this thing on?

You okay buddy?

You fall in love or something?


Scotto said...

Got an update from John today, he's almost through with WLC, which is what they are calling PLDC (Platoon Leaders Development Course) these days. He got a last-minute slot for the course at 1430 the day before he had to leave, so that's why no notice here and no updates lately. Love you brother.