Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take It Like a Champ

Dawn Fraser was born in 1937. She's won 4 Olympic Gold Medals.

A man tried to rob the Australian at her home Monday. So she kicked him in the groin, and grabbed his ear. The cops have him now.

Go, Granny!

(edit)According to some sources, Ms. Fraser was visiting her daughter's house, and there were actually two male home invaders, including one who escaped.


Scotto said...

Go Granny, indeed. Glad the hooligan got what was coming to him. Cheers!

Old NFO said...

You just DON'T screw with Granny... :-)

JPG said...

I don't pretend any knowledge of Australian law, but - - -

Story linked says the offenders are being handled as trespassers, rather than burglars. Humph. In Texas, when you threaten to kill a victim to make them surrender valuables, it's called ROBBERY.

I s'pose I'm just showing my ignorance.

Home on the Range said...

Trespassers? They should be sent someplace in a pine box.