Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jordian Knot

After about a month and half of frustration, I was finally able to bribe The Other with lunch, and get the marriage agreement signed and notarized on Friday. She isn't in school this semester, and seems to have had lots of "challenges" with, well, life. After the notarization I asked if she was busy, or if we could just go down to the courthouse after lunch and file the divorce request.

And this was done. I was happy to pay the filing fee to ensure that it wasn't more months before Step 2 was done. Now 30 days have to pass before she can call and request the divorce filing be presented to the judge. On 5 October, I will be certain to call and remind her. And then, by golly, I shall be free.

There has to be some sadness anytime a relationship doesn't last. Seeing her again, I was reminded how she could be pleasant and charming in small doses, but was just not suited for a long-term relationship. I have almost completely forgiven myself for staying in a frequently frustrating relationship for so long, and I have most definitely learned. And next time is so very much better.


Asphyxiated Emancipation said...

Glad to hear things are moving along in the right direction. As you said, always a bit of sadness at such times, but on the other hand, I expect an immense feeling of relief at not sticking with it even longer.

J.R.Shirley said...

Relief is certainly one of the strongest emotions. :-)

HollyB said...

SO are you calling her on SEPT 5 or OCT 5?

charlotte g said...

Clever title. May all go smoothly. Good to hear life is moving on. Do you have the car? Isn't it great to look forward to the day, the week again? very happy:D Anticipation in life is under appreciated.

Assrot said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you. Here's a thought from Percy Sledge that might be helpful in the future.

I found a woman
I felt I truely loved
She was everything
I'd ever been dreaming of

But she was bad, I didn't know it
Her pretty smile never did show it
All I knew is what I could see
And I knew I wanted her for me

I took her home to mama
Mama wanted to see my future bride
Well she looked at us both
Then she called me to her side

She said, son, take time to know her
It's not an overnight fhing
Take time to know her
Please don't rush into this thing

But I didn't listen to mama
I went straight to the church
I just couldn't wait to have a little girl of mine
When I got off from work
The preacher was there
So was my future bride
He looked at us both and then he called me to his side

Take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
You better take time to know her
Please Please don't rush into this thing

When it look like every thing was gonna turn out all right
And then I came home a little early one night
And there she was kissin on another man
Now I know what mama meant when she took me by the hand
And said son, take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
Take time to know her
Please don't rush into this thing
Take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
Take time to know her

Percy Sledge - 1968

I wish you luck John. Be careful the next time around heh?


Old NFO said...

Good on ya JR, too many people keep 'trying' for far too long. Better sadness than anger...

phlegmfatale said...

I'm so happy for you that things are progressing. It's a heart-rending thing to let go of something you had put your heart into, but sometimes that just clears the way for something better. Sometimes a negative example is a good lesson to learn-- one certainly won't forget, and the positives are SO much brighter by contrast. Here's to you and getting on with life. :)

Gia's Spot said...

Even after 22 years, I can feel your relief ! Time to breathe again!