Wednesday, August 5, 2009

With a Vengeance

I had a bit of an annoying and frustrating afternoon on Saturday. I did have a *lovely* morning chatting with a special friend~ aw, hell, my girlfriend on the 'net early in the morning, but a pattern emerged a little later.

Delta planes to Atlanta were late. I was a bit annoyed at myself when I realized I had misread my 1:10 PM flight as 11:10 AM, but when the flight before my scheduled flight was over an hour late, I knew it wouldn't be good. And, yay verily, it was not.

When my flight finally hit the Georgia runway, I hurried to my gate (C28, I believe), hoping that somehow other Delta flights had been delayed, and I could make it. The young lady there sent me all the way to D35, where I was greeted by a cold stare by the woman at the counter before she finally deigned to take my ticket.

"Oh, that plane's already left," she said brusquely. I gritted my teeth.
I'm sure it has, since my flight from Dallas/Fort Worth was over an hour late leaving. She obviously could not have cared less.
"You'll have to go see customer care at D24."
Thanks, you useless bitch. At least the customer care representative on the phone after I reached D24 seemed sympathetic.

I was on standby for the next flight out. And on pins, ready to get the hell out of airports for the day. I was given the *last seat* on the airplane, and gratefully made my way on the flight- only to discover someone was sitting in my seat. Ah, man...

But it seemed she had just sat in the wrong seat. Less than an hour later, I was greeted by Davis' happy face, and not much later than that, I was enjoying a home-cooked meal. Big sigh of relief.

Sunday I picked up the title, and looked for the last time on what's left of my poor little car. Furious you were, Bumblebee. I will miss you. I had such dreams for you. And me. And...well, that sounds just wrong. Never mind.

Monday I started my active training with my Reserve unit. Tuesday I showed up at 0630 for PT. And made the mistake of working my legs very heavily. So of course we ran over three miles today. That'll teach me! But at least, I'll get to do some of the working out I had originally planned for Grand Prairie.

Hey, life is good. And by "good", I mean, great.


Old NFO said...

Welcome to MY world... sigh... in the third week of six in a row on the road.

J.R.Shirley said...

My world may be better than yours. Just sayin'.

charlotte g said...

Going on the fly my ownself and expecting good karma that all will be welll. If not, well, I'm doing something I really want to do so that is all good. Enjoy yourself. I intend to.

Matt G said...

John's world is better than most of ours. He is stepping out of a newly unlocked door, and walking in the direction of his choosing.

Go man, go.