Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheap at the Price

I was prepared to be fairly ticked when I went to retrieve my rental from the towing company. The car had been properly parked, and the visitor parking pass had been placed. When I got to the tow company, I was surprised and angered to find the permit was no longer in the car. What the hell?

It seems the heat had caused my visitor parking decal to shrivel up under the edge of the rear windshield, so I couldn't be angry at the towing company for not seeing it. Not their fault, and if the tow...and my skinned knee and ripped toe are the worst things that happen to me on this trip, I'm well ahead of the game.


Unknown said...

So did you have to pay them to get your rental back?

J.R.Shirley said...

OH, yeah. $125.

Old NFO said...

ouch! Hope things turn around for ya JR!

Matt G said...

NFO, I believe that John has been saying that they have. That was the exception to the rule: worthwhile trip.