Sunday, July 19, 2009

Texas (Re?)union

Yesterday started early, with a silly, Army-issue DOL at 0600. Less than half an hour later, I found myself headed towards Denton. After a shooting match (I'll discuss on Seek Cover), I was able to meet with Lawdog, Phlegm Fatale, Johnny, Matt, and Holly for lunch. It was the first chance I've had to meet the 'dog and Phlegm in the flesh, and I can say they are at least as impressive- and even more lovable- in person. We had lunch at The Smokehouse, and it was excellent and reasonably priced. I discovered "bottle caps", which are battered and fried jalapeno slices, served with a buttermilk dressing. While they might not be the absolute most healthy food around, OMIGOD are they good. We had to order more.

Johnny rushed me back to base so I could make my pointless 1800 orientation formation (pointless because I've already been here for two weeks). After I was sitting in the auditorium with other soldiers, I noticed there were none of the people from Phase I there. Yup. Our sergeants had finally decided that we didn't actually need to attend...and no-one told me. Insert profanities of choice here.

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