Friday, July 3, 2009

Ode to Comcast

What good is a "service" that doesn't actually work most of the time? I thought I'd suggest some more appropriate advertising slogans. Feel free to make your own as you have the inclination.

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: We Suck Faster".

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: Don't Get Up, We're Not."

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: Not Ready When You Are."

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: Nice Employees, Bad Service."

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access...Sucker!"

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: All Your Fail Are Belong to Us."

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: Just Go With Knology."

"Comcast High-speed Internet Access: @#$% You."


Old NFO said...

All fit the bill for Comcast... POS service and dumber than dirt service people...

Home on the Range said...

I had them for both TV and internet when I first moved in. My TV worked while they installed it, then nothing. It took SIX WEEKS to get them out, all of which I was billed for. When they got there I heard the technician say quietly to the guy he was training "it was installed wrong" then he denied it when he realized I'd overheard him and said I just didn't know how to work it (I can fly a swept-wing jet, a remote isn't exactly rocket science to me).

I never did get credited and the service was still spotty. I found if you called the service number you would be on hold for up to an hour and a half. Even if it was 3 am. You CAN hit the number for "subscribe to comcast" to which you'd get a live human immediately. I could usually get one of them to feel sorry for me and transfer me.

The kicker. I got rid of the TV service,and had internet only. They increased my internet price to what was almost the same as both of them. They said the TV internet was a "package deal". Yes it was for the first six month, but what I had been paying was the normal price. So they bump my non new customer rate 105% ?? I don't THINK so. bye bye comcast. When the guys come out to uninstall and get their stuff I found out they're all contractors. They admitted that comcast can't keep tech employees so they part most of the technical service out.