Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Perfect Rum and Coke

There are many kinds of perfect. Here is just one. It's a good choice if you want a light flavor without overpowering rum or alcohol flavors. Pyrat is a high-end rum made by Patron. It's not cheap, but if used as a flavoring, will last longer than one might expect.

6 oz Coke
3/4 oz Pyrat XO Reserve Rum
3/4 oz Bacardi 151

Pour ice into cup. Fill a shot glass with half Pyrat and half Bacardi 151. Pour about 2 oz of Coke into cup. Follow with half of shot glass contents. Pour another 2 oz Coke, and empty shot glass. Add last 2 oz of Coke. Stir and garnish with cherry or lime slice, if desired.

A historical note on the bottle decoration: Karl Greenberg describes the buddha ("Hoti") on the bottle as being a "fictive patron saint". This is not accurate, since Happy Hotei is indeed the Laughing Buddha. He could well be described as the patron saint of bartenders (as well as restaurateurs and fortune tellers). Do your homework, Mr. Greenberg!


Old NFO said...

Hadn't heard of that one... I'm used to buying the cheap stuff out of Puerto Rico...LOL

J.R.Shirley said...

Well, while not Puerto Rican, Cruzan Estate Dark Rum can usually be found fairly inexpensively, around $13/750ml. It's a very smooth, light-to-medium flavor. In my experience, while there are better rums, there are few bad rums. :)

If you like a powerful flavor, Goslings' Black Seal is about $17/750ml. Excellent with strong ginger beer.

J.R.Shirley said...

Also, if you like coconut rum, Coconut Jack is very inexpensive, but good. :)


HollyB said...

Call me a philistine, but my new favorite rum is "Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum." Mixed with Diet Caffeine Free coke, it's the perfect nightcap for me.

J.R.Shirley said...

Sailor Jerry's is good, too, if you appreciate the flavor of spiced rum. It's a wee bit stronger than the average (80 proof), too.

Matt G said...

I think it's a minor sin to mix the top shelf stuff that's worthy of sippin' with Coke. But I see that it's just for flavor, and you're putting the kick in with 151, which makes sense. If that's what it takes to make it taste that way, then let's try it sometime.

Todd said...

:) My favorite recipe for rum and coke is to leave out the rum and add Jack Daniels! :D

Old NFO said...

Ah John, you HAD to bring up Dark and Stormys didn't you :-) Those are GOOD!!! It's just harder than hell to get that Bermudan Ginger Beer over here.