Saturday, May 9, 2009


I like the Model of 1917 rifle. A lot. One common question posted by those with too much time on internet gun boards is, "If you could only have one rifle for..."

Now, sometimes it's a specific set of circumstances, such as "in Zimbabwe during the wet season", or "in Los Angeles on August 13, 1965". More commonly, the question is something like "If you could only have one rifle, what would it be?"

Well, if I could only have one rifle for hunting, defense against human predators, and protection from large dangerous game, a U.S. Model of 1917 rifle should be a great choice. Incredibly tough, very fast for a bolt-action, with good sights and not prone to malfunctions caused by grit and mud, the 1917 was the rifle that most U.S. troops carried into WWI. Its .30-06 cartridge is ideal for most deer-sized game, and sufficient to take almost anything, with practice and care, while recoiling gently enough that almost any healthy adult can handle it.

Here is an ideal example for most folks, in a handy carbine version. While we are living in a golden age of firearms development, some things aren't significantly improving over time.


Assrot said...

Nice choice. I prefer the M1917 Enfield made by Winchester. I've always been partial to old Winchesters. It's probably a personal bias.


Tam said...

Its only real shortcomings are aesthetic...