Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break, Terminate

Spring Break has ended for me. A time in which I did very little of the schoolwork I had planned, and a lot of things I enjoy. Like ironing lots of laundry. Even undershirts. And vacuuming every other day. Okay, maybe it was every day, but just the high-traffic areas. Most of the time. And having a friend or two over at night to share a walk or a cigar on the porch and talk.
As much as the spawn of Satan I teach must surely dread coming back, I am sure I dread it more.

זה יהיה גם לעבור


HollyB said...

Sounds like you put your time off to good use.

HollyB said...

What does the Hebrew at the bottom of your post mean?

J.R.Shirley said...

If I translated correctly, This, too, shall pass.

Old NFO said...

You're just getting started... I'll come back in 5 years and see what the comments are :-)

Matt G said...

Google Translator came up with "This will also go." Which I took to mean "This, too, shall pass."