Monday, February 16, 2009

This is the First

One of my students was briefly in class at the beginning of last semester. I then didn't see him for most of the semester, and finally learned that he had cancer. I've been giving assignments to one of the counselors to be forwarded to him.

Today that counselor told me my student's battle with cancer is over.

He was only in 10th grade.

Some things "should" not happen. Parents should not bury their children. And, as annoying as so many of the rude little bastards are, I don't want to lose any more this way. I guess this is life, and most certainly, it is death.


Old NFO said...

Maybe, just maybe it will help some of them realize they are NOT bulletproof... Sad to hear, but he's gone to a better place.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. So sad, and especially in one so young.

Tam said...


Reflect, though, as a history teacher on the marvel of our age: It is now a sad rarity when parents have to bury a child. Truly a first in the history of our species...

Jenny said...

You're right when you say "the first." There will be others in time. The child who succumbs to illness. The teen in the car wreck. The suicide. Losses will continue to come with the years.

That is the risk of touching lives - we are touched in return. The price of love is inevitably loss. Sometimes in the full course of time, sometimes horrifically early.

But love remains worth it.
Thank you for your courage in continuing to show it.