Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coal vs. Oil

Ford will roll out an electric van next year, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Transit Connect has a claimed 100 mile per charge range.

Since the U.S. primarily gets its electricity from coal, I would be interested in seeing the relative environmental impact of the coal needed to run x electric vehicles, when compared to the amount of gas needed to run those vehicles for the same distance.


Old NFO said...

Ah, Excellent question and I'm not sure people even want to know the answer... Another point, where to plug in? LAX only had 10 slots for the 200 electric cars that were supposedly going to use the place.

Tam said...

EV's are much worse for the environment across the board, from production, through power generation, to disposal of the batteries...

Assrot said...

I'd say one is no better than the other. I'd tend to agree with Tam on this one. The technology is just not there yet. When all things are considered EVs are at least as bad for the environment if not worse.

In my fairly educated opinion, there is no such thing as "clean power" unless its your ass pedaling a bicycle and even then, there is damage to the environment from making the components, i.e. steel, rubber, chrome, plastic, paint, ad infinitum, not to mention the methane and carbon dioxide you are pumping into the atmosphere while pedaling along.