Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long, Slow Day

I woke up yesterday in the very early AM and realized I had a bit of a sore throat. I called in and spoke with Mr. D, and then set my alarm for 10 AM and went back to sleep.

Jordy and I met for an early lunch, and after I swung by the school to pick up A History of the Low Countries (Paul Arblaster, 2006), I helped Jordy prepare for her presentation today. I'm afraid she was a bit stressed, but I still enjoyed hanging out with her for most of the day. She has an innovative game prepared: if a sheet with a question is answered correctly, it is flipped. The sheets together make a mosaic picture.

I also managed to get a decent bit of work done on my History of the Low Countries course Dr. vT was kind enough to allow me to take as an independent studies course. I am terribly behind in the class, but I hope to make that up in the next two weeks. As I worked, and began to make something out of how I interpreted the words in the book in front of me, I grinned. I love this, I remembered. I haven't been true enough to myself lately.

I will complete my classroom hours for my practicum Friday. I'm hoping to be allowed to substitute for Mr. D for some of the remainder of the semester, picking up some much-needed funds.

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