Friday, October 31, 2008

The Grand Guignol

Jordy had been wanting to see Le Chat Noir's production of Grand Guignol: Theater of Horror. I was pleased to accompany her, and also wanted to see my friend Doug and coworker Dana, who were both featured in the production.

Le Chat Noir is a cozy little place. When watching a deliberate gore-fest like Grand Guignol in such a small venue, theater-goers may choose to sit a foot or two from the stage, waiting for the inevitable spatter of theater blood. We sat a little further back.

The plays were well acted, and engaging enough, though I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for that AIGH! moment. Which did happen in both shorts we saw. Jordy pleased the staff and actors immensely by laughing delightedly during the gruesome parts. Except for the two (well, three. Maybe four) turn-my-head moments, I enjoyed the performances.

Afterward, we talked with Doug and Dana for a while, stepping outside with Doug so he could light one of his hand-rolled cigarettes. I heard something briefly, but it was not repeated. When we stepped back inside, several excited stage hands were coming into the bar from the back.

"I just got held up at gunpoint," one proclaimed wide-eyed, holding out a bloody hand.

Okay. This is in a place that specializes in blood and gore.

"Really?" I said skeptically.

"Yeah, this guy was outside with a gun, and he hit me..."


One of the other guys was heated.

"Look, M----------r, that just happened!"

Okay, I believed him. Mostly.

For once, I was not armed. I suppose it's a good lesson. In all, it was a lovely evening, though Jordy was stressed when we returned because she couldn't find a key. Hopefully, it'll turn up today.

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