Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lonely Hearts

Last night, Jordy and I watched Lonely Hearts. This 2006 flick stars John Travolta and James Gandolfini (in a good guy role, for once) as cops tracking the real life "Lonely Hearts Killers". This is a sordid but engrossing movie about sad people that ultimately uplifts. Jared Leto and Salma Hayek skillfully play badly damaged people, though Hayek is thankfully considerably more attractive than real-life Martha Beck.

Strong violence, nudity, language and sex, though I will argue they are not gratuitous. Three of five stars.

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g bro said...

Salma has made several movies where she plays a babe version of a less attractive person. Remember her as Frida Kahlo? Ah, if only Frida had known about the inventions of eyebrow tweezers and smiles.