Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Confessions

I suppose the time has come to once again admit it: I'm a Very Bad Man. My driver's license expired on Christmas Day, and I just finally got around to renewing it. (In all fairness, I had tried once previously, only to discover the DMV office was closed on Monday).

As I was searching online last night for the nearest offices, I discovered something interesting. Veterans who served during conflicts are eligible for free driver's licenses in Georgia. The catch was verification by the VA.

I went fairly early to find the local Georgia VA office. Finding it took a few extra minutes, since they cleverly hid it behind a hospital, with no sign on the busy road to indicate it was there. (I finally figured it had to be in the vicinity, based on address numbers, and found a side road.)

Once in the office, I waited. And waited. Government employees, so I expected slowness, but- anyway, I finally got in to speak with a very nice lady who typed up the required DPS516 Certificate of Eligibility.

After a swing by the school to buy the latest book for my adolescent literature class, I went by the local Driver's License Factory. I now hold a veterans DL that expires in 2036. Really.

Jordy cooked lunch, and then I went by a favored restaurant to be sure we were squared away for Friday night's dinner. I picked up some food there for Jordy's dinner, which I dropped off and then went to get my oil changed, and then went to school.

How was your day?


phlegmfatale said...

When you started on the story about the driver's license, I was thinking it was going to end up not being worth the time it took you to get the special classification, but 2036??? I was very wrong about that. You've saved yourself hours and hours of future time. Plus, if you stay in GA, when your 50, your DL will remind you of your youthful 30s!

Well done on getting the details sorted out. I hope everything is exceedingly lovely for you and Jordy!

J.R.Shirley said...

Yeah, even at getting renewed every 10 years, I've still saved some time and money.

Jordy says my DL picture looks like a serial killer. Not sure if that's better or worse than the convict look of my last DL pic.

(Jordy just walked in.

What did you say my driver's license pic looked like?

"Serial killer," she said. "At least it's better than your last picture, where you looked like a convict."

Are you reading?! I asked her.)

phlegmfatale said...

er, you're, meant to type. Typos are so humiliating. My fingers struggle along as my brain spools ahead. Someday, I'll remember to proof-read my own spew!

phlegmfatale said...

I guess it's better to looke like a serial killer than a convict, wot with a SK not being all beaten down by the system yet!