Saturday, March 1, 2008

Clinton and Sparks

I was having a conversation with someone yesterday. Somewhere in that conversation, I mentioned that former president Bill Clinton had something like five rape accusations against him.

The individual with whom I was speaking- purportedly a strong advocate of women's rights- said something about rape not being the worst thing possible.

I was flabbergasted.

This individual then said something about killing thousands of people (I'm guessing some misapplied reference to the ongoing conflict), and how that was worse.

Wow. Okay. Now, it would be one thing to say "I don't think those charges have credence". But don't think that anyone can essentially say "people have done worse things" and attempt to bring in other supposed atrocities just to bolster a political position and still legitimately claim to be a feminist. True feminism is a search for equality of the sexes. It is NOT, repeat, absolutely NOT about any damned political party.

I guess it would be no great surprise to relate that this conversation led to one of the harshest verbal exchanges of my life. Hypocrisy- it's what's for dinner.


HollyB said...

It never fails to amaze me how the Clintonistas STILL, 8 years down the line, defend his ass! And go to such ridiculous lengths to do it.

Those are the "feminists" who give the rest of us a bad rep. Well, them and the Feminazis. I hardly tell folks I AM a feminist anymore b/c of idiots like this. And the manhaters.

HollyB said...

BTW, I adore you for NO word verification.

phlegmfatale said...

This is one of the things that most gets my goat - the fact that they will throw over one or many sisters in favor of a poltical figure - total hypocrisy. This has resulted in some of my most heated exchanges, as well.

In fact, I always have said that the minute feminists allowed themselves to be courted by the Democratic party, they were co-opted and utterly de-fused - any oomph they had in the direction of social progression was effectively quashed. The fact that Bill Clinton got a pass is proof-positive that bettering the lot of females in general was not their true objective. Even though I was not exactly politically aligned with their views, I was so dismayed by their betrayal of their purported beliefs and objectives.

Don said...

Sheer flabbergastery.

And yet, how many gun owners do you know who believe fervently in DemonRATS? How many who thought Huckabee was just great, because at least he was for guns, even if he was on record supporting a theocracy in America? The NRA is basically a Republican shill in a lot of ways.

phlegmfatale said...

Whether it's gun rights, women's rights, or the civil rights movement, the minute any social/political force is endorsed by a political party, they are subsumed into the collective and have lost all their meaning and political power, and thus have lost any momentum they'd achieved toward correcting the ills of the past. Feminists have been co-opted by a system which will tolerate no other gods before it, and which seeks to disempower any group audacious enough to get organized and moving on a subject. In a climate in which professional heel Bill Clinton got a free pass on allegations of rape from 5 different women as well as other unwanted advances, whether any progress was actually made by the entire women's "equal rights" campaign must necessarily be questioned. In the end, if folks just use different terminology (flight attendant versus stewardess) but still treat the person like crap, they may as well be calling her a c***-- there is no essential difference.

Unknown said...

I am unaware of any so called 'progressive' organization untainted by hypocracy.

None of them follow their principles to their logical conclusions.

Every one of them jumps through hoops to enable them to endorse positions they believe will gain them the most supporters.

To name just one example, NOW-following its stated goal of equality with men-should have been agitating for young women to be required to register for the draft since its inception. The silence is deafening. (By the way, I am personally opposed to a draft.)

Dedicated_Dad said...

What Byron said, not to mention CHOICE FOR MEN. If women are entitled to absolve themselves of the lifelong consequences of an ill-conceived sexual union, wouldn't "equality" demand the same for men?

The average child-support award is ~1/3 of the man's GROSS pay. He's then taxed as a single man -- the "head of household" exemption, child tax credit, etc goes to Mom even though she doesn't have to pay taxes on the CS payments.

1/3 for 18 years is equal to 100% for 6 years. In essence, Roe v. Wade says a man may not force a woman to be a Mother for 9 months, yet she can force a man to be a literal slave for 6 years.

This is equality?

Don't even get me started on "Domestic Violence"... NOW has become an evil charicature of what it once was, and is driven by greed and misguided misandry.

If you'd like more info, shoot me an e-mail. I'll be happy to send you some thought-provoking links.


PS: I'm the father of two beautiful, intelligent young women, and the husband of a Masters-educated businesswoman. Noone wants equality for them more than I do. What started as an equality movement has become something toxic, seeking to destroy men rather than raise women to a position of rightful equality.

Check out "The Myth of Male Power" by Dr. Warren Farrell for a good primer on the truth of the matter.