Monday, November 12, 2007

5 Worth Considering

Ahab suggested five favorite airplanes.

This is very hard, but perhaps will tell a bit about me. There are other aircraft I could list, but some, like the SR-71, are everybody's baby.

#5: Little-sung workhorse, and true winner of the Battle of Britain, the Hawker Hurricane.

#4: On the list because it's different: the Pucara has the classic lines of a jet trainer and ground attack aircraft...but has twin props. Here's one the Limeys took during the little dust-up in the Falklands.

#3: One of the ultimate bad-asses, hitting ground targets and unmatched at knife fight range in the air, is the Harrier VSTOL craft. The US-built Harrier II is even better.

#2: An aircraft I WILL one day buy if I'm ever rich enough. It has gone everywhere and done everything, an attack bomber agile enough that the Blue Angels once flew them, with an incredible tour of duty that began in the 1950s: the A4 Skyhawk. Here's the pretty little girl.

#1: The ultimate hard-hitter, the flying tank, the one and only A-10. Who loves ya, baby.

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