Monday, September 17, 2007

Riding Home from Class

with the huge illustrated book of Muslim propaganda that Doc Nugget gave me- evidently sent to all members of the ASU history faculty (and perhaps all members of every department), a midsize black dog darted in front of the Grand AM. I slammed on the brakes and honked, fortunately missing the pup, who gave me a puzzled look.

The huge tome hit the floor of the car hard, ripping the binding. I looked at it briefly when I got home.

Every page is full of beautiful pictures, with some variation of "this XXXX has not changed in 100 Million billion years. This proves that evolution is not true." Every damn page.

Now, people should stand up for their beliefs, certainly, but show a little originality, hm? EVERY PAGE?! What the hell?

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't hit the dog.


HollyB said...


phlegmfatale said...

Well, it's indoctrination, innit? It necessarily must include quite a bit of repetition.

Who sent this book to the faculty, anyway? Do they even know? Was this meant to infuluence curriculae?

Unknown said...


I appreciate your concern for the dog. Please balance it with the level of your driving ability, the capabilities of your vehicle, and the traffic situation surrounding you.

A classmate of mine nearly electrocuted herself missing a kitten one day. She missed the kitten, ran completely through a utility pole which crashed down upon her, draping high voltage lines all over her car. It took several hours to turn off the electricity and extricate her from the remains of her vehicle.

I try to miss animals whenever I can. I don't risk losing control of the vehicle though.