Saturday, September 8, 2007

Home Shopping

Jordy and I looked at another apartment yesterday. This is an incredibly cute garage apartment .3 mile from the ASU main gate, within easy walking distance of the college. The landlord is making some minor repairs to sheetrock and paint, but it should be ready before October, which would work well. That would give time for me to start moving my things into the new place as Little Momma becomes more independent, and needs less assistance.

While not perfect, I believe the little place will be a good match for our current needs, and the rent is reasonable enough to make some compromises worthwhile. And, did I mention it's incredibly cute? Jordy's very excited, and me...well, I'm very eager to have my own place again, free of yippy dogs and other folks' schedules.

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phlegmfatale said...

That sounds cozy - and that close to campus? Perfect! Someday way down the line, it'll seem like a long time ago that you lived in this little place - cherish your time, and congrats on your impending time together alone. 'specially the part about being free of the yippy dogs and other peoples' schedules.