Sunday, September 16, 2007


Geekwitha45 had this to add:

After the Danish cartoon thing was artificially whipped into a frenzy 3 or 4 months after publication, Jihadists where quoted as saying, "You have no right to insult Islam."

In full accordance with the laws and ethos of my culture, yes, I absolutely do have the right to fully, with malice aforesight, insult Islam, Christianity, Judiasm, Zoroastrianism, Communism, Paganism, Socialism, Heathenism, or any other damn ism I please.

-All your ism's are belong to me. Screw them, I say-.

Get it?

There are a lot of rights I -don't- have, for example, to incite violence against members of whatever ism, but I most certainly have the right to insult it.

That we are even discussing this, that we even have to re-establish the baseline meaning of freedom of speech amongst a liberty oriented crowd is extremely disheartening.

What has blurred this once universally held line is the concept of "Hate Speech". While I don't particularly hate anyone or thing, and therefore don't have a particular use for it, I categorically reject the concept of "Hate Speech", recognizing it for what it is: an attempt to redefine the meaning of freedom of speech, to chill public dissent and discourse, and to increment us towards the cognitive tyranny of political correctivism.


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phlegmfatale said...

Hear! Hear!

Political correctness was a brilliantly engineered method to try and fell our society. Horrifying, really.

charlotte g said...

Amen, amen. Without the First Amendment, the Second cannot stand.