Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Bounty on Chris Muir's Head

To the right on my blog page is my link to Chris Muir's Day by Day, a well-drawn political cartoon. Chris stays much more aware of politics on a, well, "day by day" basis than I do. He chiefly seems to use his work to lampoon the American political left, especially those who do not support our troops, and take extreme, ridiculous stances.

As probably every reader is aware, many radical Muslims have called for the execution of cartoonists who published art believed to be insulting to Mohammed. This became international news in late September 2005, when the Danish newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten released a page of cartoons about radical Islam. These cartoons evidently badly offended some Muslims, who threatened to kill everybody and their mother, bomb the newspaper in question, and did in fact lead to some deaths worldwide.

It is sad that cartoons, of all things, can lead to some groups' willingness to kill other human beings. In a world filled with violence, disease, and death, surely any thinking person has better things to do than try to kill people because they've laughed at his imaginary friend. What is even sadder and more ironic, are those who've apologized to these infantile terrorists for not taking them too seriously.

My own brother is one of many who created cartoons satirizing "the Prophet", not because of any inherent dislike of Islam, but in the name of freedom of the press. Chris Muir has thrown his hat into the ring today with this cartoon. Realist that he is, he must know there will now be people intent on killing him, if they can. Since he's willing to risk his life to back up his beliefs, take the time to check him out.

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