Monday, July 9, 2007

Visits and Disappointments

I visited Derek and Michelle in Statesboro this weekend. I had a marvelous time, and Derek and I got together with John D. Saturday afternoon for some shooting. John is a federal firearms license holder I met when I found a rare rifle through him about a year ago.

We had a great time shooting several rifles and handguns, including a fully automatic FN FAL and M11. It's a shame that historical curiosities like the auto FN FAL are difficult and costly to legally obtain in the US: while fun, a fully automatic .308 is close to the least effective weapon to commit a crime that I can imagine!

I picked up my Smith and Wesson 21-4 at the same time. Boy, was I disappointed! I figured a .44 Special N frame would be about perfect for me, and it would...if it felt right. A standard profile 4" N frame revolver balances wonderfully for me, but the tapered barrel classic blued 21 feels very different. I know some folks will think a piece like this is handgun perfection, so I couldn't in good conscience shoot it, especially since it looks almost mint. The only mark I could see is the typical ring on the cylinder from being turned when the trigger is pulled. I really hope I can find this pistol the owner it needs.


Tam said...

"I know some folks will think a piece like this is handgun perfection,"

That's because it is. ;)

J.R.Shirley said...

Eh. And I respect their view. Derek's 629 or a 4" Model 25 feels mo' better.