Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Same Old Thing, but New!

Some of you know that I've been a moderator or admin on The High Road since it began. I've been on various online fora since 1998.

Lots of good information is available on these forums, and I've had the privilege of meeting some really great people, some of whom I've had the great pleasure to also meet in meat space (aka The Real World), such as Johnny and Matt G., Art Eatman, Tamara, and Oleg Volk. Unfortunately, there seems to be a tendency for a handful of subjects that will not die.

Some enterprising poster will, without fail, come along Every Damn Week and post a thread that is almost identical to one posted the previous week (or sometimes, the previous hour). One of these perpetually resurgent topics is what to do if Very Bad Things happen. We are usually left to imagine what this very bad thing is- an invasion from Canada? an explosion at the Hershey's Chocolate factory? a revolution in Atlantis?- but it is assumed that things will Never Be the Same, and we must all, immediately, Do Something. It becomes a trifle tiresome.

And then, some net commando will try to throw a twist into this tired subject, just to liven it up, thusly (in a thread entitled "How Much Ammo would Soldiers Carry", which is really about "How Much Ammo would YOU Carry"): "Just to make it fun, pretend it is the worst possible situation."

Great. Fine. I can do that, but you make not like it.

Okay. You have no firearms, and the zombies have eaten your legs.

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HollyB said...

Can of hairspray and a lighter, duh!