Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moths, Rust, and Thieves

Chalk 3 left Bl@ck Horse today. While I know that means I only have another week or so before I leave for Phoenix, it also means I'm back to working a 12-hr shift. At least I read all of Airframe today.

I'm trying to mail everything I can out before I leave, since I'll be overloaded as things are. Over two weeks ago, I mailed a large package space available, and a smaller package priority mail. In the smaller package were:

Black Bear Borealis light
Surefire Aviator light
AA quickcharger
Large AA trickle charger
Spyderco Native
Shane Justice knife

I insured the package, but cash is hard to come by here, with no ATM, and only infrequent visits to Phoenix, so the insured amount would really only be about enough to cover the two lights and chargers.

Jordy says the larger package has arrived, but the smaller package, sent priority, has not. I can't say how sick I feel about this. Shane Justice made that knife especially for me, and my friend Tom professionally engraved it. The balance was perfect, and I have never felt a better handle on any knife, from anyone at any price. Besides all that, Shane has had shoulder surgery.

He'll never make another knife.

I don't know if someone had sticky fingers, or if my package was x-rayed, and the chargers (clearly indicated on the customs form) thought to be suspicious, or what- but it's a damn shame that these knives survived a year in a combat zone, and rough work including use during firefights with just cosmetic blemishes, only to be swallowed by the United States Postal Service.