Thursday, May 3, 2007


"Endings are heartless." So says Steven King close to the very end of the last Dark Tower book. Far be it from me to correct or amend the words of so talented a wordsmith, but it may be truer to say that endings are inexorable. Heartless is only correct if we take it to mean "without emotion". Like it or not, things change. We can claim they change for better or worse, but these are our own value judgements. The change is, and we then apply a label to it.

Perceptions are interesting. I was looking at Sergeant Phillips last night, and I finally had to ask, as he was beginning to leave.
"Sergeant, are you evil?"

He looked at me, startled.
"I don't mean really evil. Do you like playing pranks? On Halloween, maybe?"

"Uh, I don't know." He left.

"Shirley!" He had stopped. I walked outside, and he stepped back towards me again.

"When I was in high school, there was this guy. He had a Cadillac, with a nice hood ornament. Well, he really pissed me off, so I pulled the head off a dead cat. I didn't kill the cat!
Anyway, I put the head on the hood ornament, looking at him, with one eye open, and the tongue hanging out."

I guess that qualifies as a wee bit evil.

The meds I got yesterday definitely helped during my shift today. I felt a little guilty about not spending any gym time yet, but I figure rest is important, too. Hopefully, I'll hit the gym again tomorrow.

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