Saturday, March 31, 2007


What would you think of a reporter who compared law-abiding Americans with convicted sex criminals? That's what reporter Christian Trejbal of The Roanoke Times has done, in a recent piece that listed names and addresses of local concealed carry license holders. Never mind that one has hurt people, while the other has jumped through hoops to follow the law. Never mind that the latter group as a whole is an extremely well-behaved percentage of the population, while the other is, well, criminal, and includes a whole range of deviants like pedophiles and rapists.

Mr. Trejbal includes fear of a violent ex as being a legitimate reason to own a firearm, but is still willing to publish the information he has without regard to the danger such people might be placed in by his cavalier expose'. He hides behind the fiction of caring about his fellow citizens, when in reality, he is willing to endanger them without qualm.

I'm including a picture of this jerk, so it can be understood: yes, Virginia, people willing to jeopardize your health can wear ties, too.


Matt G said...

Is that grin the folkloric "shyte-eating" one, or is it the more realistic shyte-producing one?

HollyB said...

When this story was linked on Tamara's blog, I read all the comments folks wrote to the paper. You'd think, with all the cancellations, they'd dump this asshat. But evidently he's good for circulation due to the controversy he creates. I'm left to shake my head in disgust.