Monday, March 26, 2007

Hot Sauce

About a month ago, I received quite a few different hot sauces, from several friends. I was thinking about that today, when I opened the Red Savina, my last bottle of habanero sauce.

Hot sauce is just one of the many little things that can brighten a soldier or marine's day. The "average consumer" here has enjoyed the Cholula sauce or some of the Louisiana-style sauces that have been sent. Many soldiers here have enjoyed the Huy Fong Spiracha Chili Sauce, which is excellent on Asian food, and greatly improves the "Chinese" food we're served.

A retired first sergeant included a bottle of his own, home-made sauce, which was very good: the overall heat level was about a seven, which made it perfect for general use for a heat fan like myself, and it didn't have too much vinegar, so the flavor was nice.

Then, there are the habanero sauces, which I enjoy most. My two very favorites are El Yucateco Green and Marie Sharp's. Both these sauces are quite hot, but flavorful. Heat without flavor- which is what you get from the hottest sauces, which are made from extracts- is just no fun. El Yucateco and Marie Sharp's provide a nice heat level, but have excellent flavors. They're still too hot for many users, though. I had discovered both of them previously, but they are now carried in many WalMarts- see, not everything about the big chains is bad!

Some of the new ODA seem to really appreciate good hot sauce, especially Jose. He loves the Marie Sharp's, and when I opened the Red Savina today, I told him, so he could try it. This stuff is HOT! I'd give it about a 9, but it's still flavorful. Not for the faint of heart, but a little goes a long way even for us with more robust flavor buds.

Anway, maybe bottles of hot sauces may not seem like a big deal, but they're really appreciated. So, to everyone who contributed, thanks. You made our lives a little brighter.

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HollyB said...

You're welcome. I didn't know if you'd like the habenero or not. I just liked the Iguana on the bottle of the green and the gold hab that I sent. Along with the Cholula and Louisiana.
I'm glad to hear they were all well received.