Sunday, March 4, 2007

5 March 07

We took rounds again tonight, some type of rocket.

Our response...well. Let's just say we demonstrated serious fire superiority, unleashing hell on our little corner of the world.

I'm so eager to make it back to the States. I'd like to believe we're accomplishing something here, but I'm afraid it's all, ultimately, for nothing. I just hope I don't take serious injury, or lose significantly more hearing, before I make it back.


Matt G said...

Do you keep hearing protection on the tubes?

If not, why not? (I'm not chiding you-- I know damned good and well that you'll have reason.)

J.R.Shirley said...


My sergeant has forbid me wearing ear pro while on fire missions.

I do not believe this is a legal order, but this NCO is unfortunately not one to listen to logic once he's made his mind much for my Tac-6s!