Saturday, March 3, 2007

3 March 2007

I smoked my last clove cigarette two nights ago. Our guard patterns have changed due to certain circumstances (like having rockets come in on us!), so it's nice to have something to pass the time. My cloves lasted about two months, as infrequently as I smoke them.

So, I paid a little attention last time. A Backwoods cigar lasted for 11 minutes, while my sugarfree cough drop lasted for 20. Mist and rain and snow have been falling. I like the cold in general, because I'd rather temperatures be low than take rounds. Last night, the cold didn't deter the bad guys, however. I'm glad it didn't happen on my watch. I'm always paranoid I'll be looking the wrong direction when the incoming rounds ignite and flash towards us, and won't be able to help my guys.

I hate marching, so I'm sure marching would be worse, but being in a mortar pit in bad weather, desperately trying to return fire, is no fun. The water and dust in the air stick to the cold rounds, making a clammy, slippery mud film that forces you to work to hold the heavy 37-lb rounds without them slipping from your grasp. The other mortar pit throws out rounds with an unexpected roar and short burst of light. There are frantic dashes for more ammunition to suppress the enemy or light the sky. It's quite hellish; I'm sure the receiving end is worse.

Snow came down today. I hope the temperature drops 20 degrees. I can always wear more clothes on guard duty.

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