Wednesday, March 14, 2007

14 March 2007

14 March 2007

Have fun blowing things up BOOM
A good Book
Well I just want
To say come home
in one peace and aLive
so i can reaD the Book

(drawn waving flag)
The red white and Blue conquers All

Robert McNsomething

So reads the message on the inside of the Battletech novel Ghost War by Michael Stackpole. Despite the literary challenges of the donor, this is indeed an excellent book. I was surprised at how well written and thoughtful a book it was, while still being great fun. This book was just one of an armload of books that “Woof Talker”, our dog trainer, brought into our MWR two days ago. It doubled the size of our fledgling library in one swoop.

To follow up on my recent weapons post, I thought I’d list some of the personal weapons I’ve seen here, whether by the ODA, attached troops, or by the local security.

M3 subgun
M4 carbine/also 11.5” versions
M9 Beretta
Glock 17
Unknown single-shot 40mm grenade launcher

for you die-hards, I have also seen
2 Benelli shotguns
M500A Mossberg
Serbu short-barreled SG
Confiscated sawed-off SxS, locally made
Let me point out that the shotguns do not seem to usually fill the role of personal weapons, but are typically just one of a weapon load-out in a vehicle. There are far fewer shotguns here than any other weapon I’ve seen, including sidearms. Yes, Ms. Tamara, these SGs are horribly loaded with buckshot. They obviously have never seen actual use, since the Earth is still spinning, and we have not gone backwards in time.

Yesterday morning, Green let the door slam on our B hut. Grant sat up, groggily asking, “Was that incoming?”

We were resupplied yesterday, and a few pieces of mail were brought. Sergeant Liddy said, “Here, Shirley”, after awhile, and handed me a letter addressed to my good friend Shane Justice. FROM me.
I looked at the dirty, wrinkled envelope, and wondered if Sgt Liddy had just found the letter in his pocket, forgot that he was supposed to take it into Bagram to mail for me over a week ago, and thought it was an incoming letter, or if he was playing dumb, and just realized he had forgotten to mail it. He’s pretty stupid, so I’m not quite certain what “playing dumb” would be, for him.On the bright side, the E7 who visited us gave me some exciting news. It appears that not only will I be one of the first wave of our battalion headed back, but that our demobilization will only take two weeks or so, instead of the month I had anticipated. I’m afraid to be too hopeful, since he didn’t know if I get to go home after the battalion is dismissed, or if I have some other silliness to undergo before being released

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