Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After several abortive false starts, I finally submitted my security clearance form yesterday. It was only *59* pages, plus three signature pages! But it's done. Now wait for the security police to knock on your door and ask about my activities in preschool. Don't tell them about the coloring book or the lemonade, please.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Washed Out

I wasn't feeling as great as usual (isn't it amazing how good we feel most of the time, but just don't think about it?), a few days in advance, but was not about to miss meeting Claire and co in Holden, NC for a few days of fun at the beach.

So, it wasn't all fun. I didn't sleep well several nights, and that contributed to a quarrelsome and grouchy John. I quite sensibly stayed away from flammables (unless adequately diluted with Diet Coke) and explosives during this period, and no animals were harmed. That we'll talk about.

Despite the handicaps, some really good times were had, too. I was somehow coerced into the ocean at least once, and eventually Claire and I looked around and realized all the other adults were now in the water as well. And it was good. Some great pictures were also taken our last evening at the beach. Claire and I had resolved to just mostly keep doing what we were doing, and the photographer could take pictures of us, if she liked. And a good time was had, and cute pictures were taken.

I was already waking up, so I finally rolled out of bed around 0440 this morning to shave and shower. Claire and I were rolling at 0536, and I think we went opposing directions about three minutes later. Neither of us wanted to go, but it didn't hurt as much as last time. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So, we both made it to our respective residences safely, and will recover from our individuals challenges: in my case, sleep, healthy food, and reasonable exercise is indicated.

Best Thing EVER

This just in: back at Wal-Mart- one of the two best hot sauces.

Back at WalMart! Score! on Twitpic

(Okay, so it's obviously NOT the best thing ever, but it is pretty damn good.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Beachin'

I have been with Claire and several of her old college-days friends at the beach since Saturday afternoon. The weather has alternated between cloudy and clear. Since I pretend to be allergic to both sun and ocean, I really don't mind the cloudy days.

Despite an unfortunate shortage of healthy food (and for all of you who want to protest that "It's a vacation! Have a good time!", my body and I begin to feel bad after a day or two of unhealthy food, so eating reasonably is part of having a good time, for me), I've enjoyed much of my time here. Good company certainly helps.

Yesterday I went with the male contingent to race carts in Myrtle Beach. I had a great time, despite being on the field with two engineers that persisted in outracing me the majority of the time.

3...2...e on Twitpic

Today, I actually got in the ocean for a few minutes. And enjoyed it. Good company, again.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Jordian Knot

After about a month and half of frustration, I was finally able to bribe The Other with lunch, and get the marriage agreement signed and notarized on Friday. She isn't in school this semester, and seems to have had lots of "challenges" with, well, life. After the notarization I asked if she was busy, or if we could just go down to the courthouse after lunch and file the divorce request.

And this was done. I was happy to pay the filing fee to ensure that it wasn't more months before Step 2 was done. Now 30 days have to pass before she can call and request the divorce filing be presented to the judge. On 5 October, I will be certain to call and remind her. And then, by golly, I shall be free.

There has to be some sadness anytime a relationship doesn't last. Seeing her again, I was reminded how she could be pleasant and charming in small doses, but was just not suited for a long-term relationship. I have almost completely forgiven myself for staying in a frequently frustrating relationship for so long, and I have most definitely learned. And next time is so very much better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take It Like a Champ

Dawn Fraser was born in 1937. She's won 4 Olympic Gold Medals.

A man tried to rob the Australian at her home Monday. So she kicked him in the groin, and grabbed his ear. The cops have him now.

Go, Granny!

(edit)According to some sources, Ms. Fraser was visiting her daughter's house, and there were actually two male home invaders, including one who escaped.