Friday, October 2, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

I was less than 15 miles away from reaching my trip destination in Smallville, NC, to see my lovely Claire.  I have never actually had a speeding ticket (that stuck, anyway!), but I began thinking about getting one, and what I would say, "I haven't seen my girlfriend in MONTHS, and I'm only x miles away...!"

I may have still been thinking these thoughts as I raced by a large gray SUV, noticing too late it was marked "NC State Patrol" on the side.  Oh, geez.  He immediately pulled in behind me, and my foot already off the gas, I pulled over to the right and looked for a good place to pull over.  I was already holding my directions showing I was only 12 miles away when the trooper pulled up next to me.  I sheepishly looked over, and he made a "brake down" gesture with his hand.  I nodded.  He left.

Soon afterward, my heart restarted with a thump, and I made it my last few miles without incident.  To Claire.  Woohoo!


Crucis said...

You're lucky he didn't see you with the map in your hand or you'd be toast.

Locally, more tickets have been issued for "driver impairment" meaning using a cell phone, eating, or other activities than have speeding and DUI tickets combined.

Yep, it's a real money maker. (I have to admit the woman driving down the Interstate reading a book did deserve her ticket.)

Old NFO said...

LOL- You're a lucky man on MANY counts...

The Lily said...

Drew and I are AGOG that he didn't get a ticket. Seriously, we were like, "How are you not in jail?"

That part of 85 is one of the more dangerous and there has been a huge crackdown in Rowan about speeding and safety in that particular stretch between there and here.